Music is wonderful for the soul

Blaring Queen on the way home and singing along at the top of my lungs totally mellowed me out. Trust me, I needed it.

Today at work, things were going well. Until I found out, by way of a passing comment, that the receptionist would not be in at work on Friday. That means I’m going to be down at the front desk all day Friday. Immediately I got pissed off. I’m not upset at the receptionist, she has vacations days for the using. It’s two things: I get stuck down there simply because I’m low man on the totem pole; I usually find out about it this way. It would be nice if on Monday my boss, who is also hers, would mention it to me.

Later, I was on a roll. I had gotten all of the invoices coded, put in order, and ready to go up to our corporate office to be paid. I was sitting at my desk relaxing and getting little things taken care of, when all of that changed. My colleague handed me about 5 requisitions for invoices we have that need to go up tonight. She wants them done instantly, when I need to enter them into a specific spreadsheet, make copies of them, fill out the purchase orders and attach them. Then I have to code the invoices before I can give them back to her to get the required signatures. I took my time. I wanted to make sure it was done right, not quickly. Unfortunately after I gave them to her she only went for the higher up signature, not what is usually the first one who would be able to correct anything necessary so it gets paid correctly. Then she quickly copied them and then gives them to me to put into the pack. I was so mad I could have screamed!

As I was going out to my car I could think of nothing else but getting home and writing here. That’s when I realized that what I needed was music. And not just the radio. I plugged in my iPod, started Queen Greatest Hits, turned it way up, and sang the entire way home. I felt so much better. Now it seems I need it again because my hubby has managed to hit just the right nerve and I can feel it all coming back. At least I know what to do. Yay for Queen!


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