I goofed

This morning I was so focused on getting my pod ready for the day that I didn’t have time for my usual oatmeal breakfast.  So I thawed out a couple of slices of bread from Whole Foods and had them instead.

Well, now I want to avoid eating much bread or starch at all for lunch.  Unfortunately what I have at work for lunch is leftover mac n cheese with tuna and peas.  You see my dilemma.

Yesterday I ended up getting Wendy’s for lunch because it sounded perfect and I needed to charge my phone in the car because it had died and I forgot my wall charger at home.  So this will be time #3 going out for lunch this week.  (I got Chipotle on Monday because I wanted vegetarian and had nothing to pack.)  This is not helping me eat better!  But this definitely falls under need to since the majority of what I packed is starch.  But I have no idea where to go.  I wish I didn’t know so much and could still do Wendy’s nuggets.

Ooooh.  I think I’m going to hit up Raising Cane’s.  They have really good quality food.  It’s easy for me to eat less than what they serve and save the rest.  And they have some of the best sweet tea around!  Yeah, there’s a lot of starch, but it sounds awesome.  And one thing I’ve learned over this green journey is to listen to your body.

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