Today started out kinda meh. I’ve been in kind of a funk lately due to various stresses. Work, finances, self-imposed stresses. While I was at Mass, everything started to click. How to take care of my finances. How to eat better, which affects the finances. I had been eating fast food for lunch on almost a daily basis. But now, with more conviction than I’ve had in a while, I don’t want to get fast food! Which is good for my waistline and my wallet.
When I was in the car on the way home, that’s when everything fully clicked. I’m a cosplayer. And I’m really picky about being accurate. So that makes things more expensive. And more stressful. I had planned to work on 6 brand new cosplays next year for Dragon*Con. I realized that I really don’t need to, just really wanted to. So while I was figuring out which cosplays would wait and which I would work on, I made a decision that made the rest of my day much better.
I was planning on doing the Tenth Doctor’s blue suit for this year’s Dragon*Con. But I have done nothing to get the suit done yet. And it’ll take at least a month to get it done. So rather than try to get it done in time and possibly not look right, I’ve decided to swap it with the Tenth Doctor cosplay I was going to do next year. The cost of which is well within my existing budget for the blue suit. So, after finding out I can’t get the fabric I wanted (which would be accurate) online, I gathered my information and headed to Jo-Ann’s! I had a ton of coupons so I have managed to get everything but one item for less than $100. Trust me, this is a really good deal! Now I need to go and post on a few other blogs of mine and get my lunch for tomorrow ready. SYL!


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