Jim Butcher is so awesome!

Back on July 29th, Jim Butcher came to the Books & Co. in Beavercreek, Ohio as part of his Ghost Story book tour. I got there at least half an hour before they were going to start giving out the numbers for the signing line and they had already filled up the seats. I was hoping that I would get one this time, but it seems that since it was on a Friday, a lot more people were able to get there. Because, not only were all the seats taken, but there was a sizable line and they had run out of the book. Yes, they were out of the book that people were there to buy and get signed! Luckily they said we could still get a number without the book. I was quite disappointed though. I really wanted to get Ghost Story and start reading.

So I got in line and was really glad I had my staff to lean on. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I went in full cosplay as Harry. 🙂 There was at least one other person who wore a long leather coat and a black glove on his left hand. But I was the only one who even came close to looking like Harry. 🙂 It was a lot of fun. The only problem was I don’t have contacts yet, but I wanted to stay in character. So I had my glasses in my pocket. The line finally started moving and when I got to the front the staff member was very impressed with my cosplay. 🙂 She reassured me that I could still get my book, White Night signed despite the lack of Ghost Story. I headed upstairs and stood up at the top of the stairs, but out of the way of the flow of traffic. It was a good spot. As long as the people in front of me stood still.

Jim Butcher at the Ghost Story book signingJim came out, grabbed the mic from the podium, and plunked down on the table. He wanted things to be comfy and informal. He asked us if we just wanted to get right to the Q&A part and no one objected. There were some really great questions asked about all sorts of things; the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, future writing, geek stuff that had nothing to do with any of that. I finally came up with a question to ask. When he called on me he said, “You with the staff!” 🙂 I asked him what his favorite part about going to conventions. He said it was meeting “all of you”. That was so awesome and I knew he meant it. While he is a fellow geek, his favorite part is talking with us about all sorts of things. That is just awesome!

Soon after the signing started. They limited people to three items at a time. If you had more than three, you had to go to the end of the line to get three more signed. Also there would be no posed pictures. They wanted to keep the line moving. I was a little disappointed at that because I was hoping to get a good picture with him. Since I had my number and it was a way down the line, I decided to go and get a copy of Side Jobs since I was there and it doesn’t seem to be coming out in paperback anytime soon. Slowly the chairs emptied as people got their books signed and I went up and grabbed one.

After a while my number’s group was called and I rushed to get in line. When I got up there, Jim said “Very nice!” which made me quite happy. I handed him the books and we talked a little. I gave the same staff member as before my camera to get a picture while he was signing. Luckily she had me go stand next to him so we could get a good picture. They were both very impressed that I had made the coat myself. Jim even called it “quite a coat”. I don’t think many people put that much effort into their Harry’s. It was the best experience I’ve had in cosplay yet. Getting a thumbs up from the character’s creator is awesome. And I got my favorite in the series, White Night, and Side Jobs signed by the author!

"Harry Dresden" and Jim Butcher
The rest of the pictures are on my Tumblr. Just click the photo!

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