I heart Bison!

Right now I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilema by Michael Pollan. I’m still in the first section that’s all about corn. It has me seriously rethinking a lot of foods. Somehow it never sunk in how much corn really is in our diets. Aside from all the HFCS and the regular corn syrup, most animals, depressingly even salmon, are fed corn. It’s made it’s way into many foods under different names. It’s all over the place!

But corn has put the final nail in the coffin for one thing for me: beef. When I found out about the ‘pink slime’, aka BLBT, being so prevalent in ground beef, I started to get more wary of it. I’ve never liked eating much beef before. But now knowing what they are putting cows through just to make it cheaper to fatten and raise them, it makes me never want to eat beef again unless I know for a fact that it’s grass fed.

I am so glad that my hubby agreed to get some more ground bison Monday night when we were grocery shopping. As far as I know they aren’t forced to live in feedlots and are allowed to roam and eat normally. Considering we’d have to go to Whole Foods to get grass-fed beef, and my hubby doesn’t want to do regular grocery shopping there because of the cost (I can’t argue), we can’t go that route yet. But trust me, the day we can afford to get grass-fed beef, you’ll know!


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