It keeps getting better

First it improved my oatmeal.  Then it replaced cow’s milk.  Now hemp milk has given me the most awesome Chai latte.

Two Fridays ago we tried out a Keurig-like machine at work.  It has more options than the Keurig because it allows for mixing of different packs.

One of the options was Chai.  It had been a while, so I had some.  I missed having milk in it.  I also tried a mix of half hot chocolate and half Chai which was really good.  That got me thinking.  I could get some Oregon Chai and some hemp milk to keep at work and have a great alternative to my water.

I finally got everything this weekend and made it up this morning.  OMG was it good!  The hemp milk was really good in it.  So much better than cow’s milk.  Makes me even more glad that I’ve switched to the hemp!


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