How to…Cosplay

This may not be news to anyone, but you can be quite the cosplayer and still be green. It’s not as hard as you might think. Of course that depends on what you know about cosplaying.

Cosplay is when a person dresses up as a character and acts like that character. It’s not simply dressing up in costume, even though the costume is a big part of it. For example, when I cosplay as Miho Tohya from MegaTokyo at Dragon*Con this year, I’m not going to simply act like myself. I’m going to attempt to walk, talk, act like her. I say attempt because MegaTokyo is a webcomic, and only so much personality can be drawn and written.

A lot of people, myself included, make their costumes and props from raw materials. We go to the store, buy the fabric and other supplies, and use or make a pattern to sew the clothing together. Some people make their props so they are screen accurate, so they are made of leather and metal and wood. Another way is to simply buy or commission a cosplay. Which means it’s already done by the time the cosplayer gets it. Neither way is very green, but sometimes that’s the only way of doing it.

But there are a lot of cosplays that can be easily made from existing clothing. I mentioned Miho earlier, she is what’s called a ‘closet cosplay’. That means the majority of the costume are pieces of clothing that I am using for it. Of the whole costume, aside from the wig, I have only bought two items and only one of them is specifically for this cosplay. To give you an idea, this cosplay has 6 pieces of clothing plus the wig and a bag/purse. Two of the pieces were given to me by friends that are perfect for this cosplay. One piece was bought second-hand and the last I knit myself.

It’s really not hard. I’m hoping to do a Kyo Sohma cosplay at some time in the future. Again, aside from the wig, I can just go to the thrift store for 99% of what I need. He simply wears a black t-shirt, tan cargo pants, a belt, and sandals. He does also have a bracelet that I’m going to have to make myself, but that’s it. I’m planning on adding a couple of things that I’ll have to make from scratch, but that still leaves the overwhelming majority from the thrift store.

Wigs, which depending on your own opinion, can be a very important part of a cosplay. Sadly there is no way of making them green. Human hair wigs are expensive and, I feel, are better used by other people for their day-to-day use. Also, I don’t know how green they could really be considered. Sometimes you get lucky and can use your own hair as is, but it’s not that common. Unless you specifically look for characters that you can do that with.

Anyway, the whole point is, cosplay can be quite a green hobby. By going to thrift stores and making closet cosplays you are not only a Green Geek, but a richer geek!


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