Wow it’s been a while

Getting everything ready for, going to, and recovering from Dragon*Con was a bit distracting. But I have been reading! Right now I’ve actually got three books going at once and a post I really need to write up.

I’ve finished The Red Tent and love it. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I’ll get that one up.

I’ve been working on The Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s taking a while to read, not because it’s boring, but because non-fiction always takes me longer.

Because I was close-ish to being done with it, and because it felt like it would fit in with the D*C weekend better, I took Feed. It is really hard to put that book down. I’ve been reading it for about a week when I can and I’m almost halfway through it.

Once we got back I started listening to Life, the Universe, and Everything in the car. It’s only 5 discs long and I’m on disc 3. My only complaint so far is that Zaphod sounds like he’s from Brooklyn. For someone who’s listened to the radio shows as much as I have, that just doesn’t sit well.

So hopefully within a week, or two at the most, I’ll have plenty of posts going up. Now if I can just get the rest of these books read!


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