Dragon*Con Day 3 – Sept. 4

Dragon*Con; September 2-5, 2011; Atlanta, GAAnother day down, which sadly means only one day left. But it was a great day! It was amazing. I got dressed, got the make-up on. But when I put on the wig, that’s when I suddenly wasn’t myself and was Miho Tohya. It was great! I’m going to have to redo the ribbon though. Sewing it into place worked initially, but after traveling, it was a bit messy. So I’m going to replace the ribbon with wired ribbon. I figure it’ll be easier to fix if necessary.

But you don’t care about costume details. Once we were ready, hubby and I headed over to the Red Dwarf panel. This year it wasn’t simply a fan panel. We had a cast member! John Lenahan was the voice of the original Talkie Toaster! The man is hilarious. He’s also friends with a lot of the cast and had some great stories from on the set. He confirmed one awesome thing, there’s going to be a new season!! They’re going to start filming in December so it’ll probably be on sometime next year. Sadly, as of right now, it’s not airing over here. But it’s possible that the network, Dave, will join the growing movement and stream it on their website for free. That would be wonderful! He is also a fantasy author. He’s written two books so far. Sadly they’re not selling very well, but his podcasts of the books (basically audiobooks) are really popular. He brought a ton of them with him saying that if they don’t get sold he’s going to have to throw them out. So he offered them for $5 each and signed them, “With Toast”. They look like really good books. I’m glad we bought them. I can’t wait to read them.

After that we headed over to the Marriott for a few things. I had to pick up my picture with the Saints. Unfortunately it wasn’t there. They had a line for people who needed reprints because, like me, their picture wasn’t there. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to wait right then, but luckily they were doing it all day long. Hubby wanted to get somewhere else, but he pointed me to the right booth in one of the dealer’s rooms so I could get my “Of Course Vampires Sparkle (for about 2.6 x10^-4 microseconds before they burst into flames)” t-shirt. He had seen it last year, but they had sold out of my size really quickly. I have it this time! Can you tell I’m not a big fan of Twilight? 🙂 After that I headed back down to get in line so I could get my photo. While I was in line talking with the nice lady in front of me, she mentioned that they had said that sometimes the photos stick together and sometimes people will accidentally take your picture with theirs. Once it was my turn, it didn’t take very long to find and print my photo. When you’re looking for someone in pyjamas and bathrobe, and is pointing a sonic screwdriver at the camera, it’s not hard.

From there I went to the Cartoon track room for the Invader Zim Panel of DOOM! Hubby met me there, but there were a lot more people there than the room could hold. So hubby headed one way, I headed to the room to have lunch. After a little rest, I changed into Harry Dresden and went over to the Walk of Fame. I wanted to get my pic signed by the Saints. Unfortunately when I got there, they weren’t. They were going to be back in an hour, which meant they were at a panel. So I headed off to find hubby in the line for the Venture Brothers panel. That was so much fun! Doc Hammer is one of the people who loves coming to Dragon*Con and loves the fans. He and James Urbaniak had a ton of fun. They did a few voices for us, but that wasn’t hard. Especially since to do Shoreleave and Dr. Venture, respectively, they barely have to do anything to their voices. That was one of the best panels of the weekend!

Once we got out, I headed back to the Walk of Fame. They were at their table and were only charging $25 each if you had something of your own to sign, which I did. They are both great guys. When I pulled out the photo, Sean said “That turned out really well!” Norman said something similar. I thanked him for his comment when we took the picture. He said “No problem. You looked great! And you still do now!” We talked for a little bit before I let him get to the other fans who were there to see him. I was so happy!

Instead of trying to get into the Battlestar Galactica panel, I decided to wander about and head up to the room for a little bit. There I got to show off my photo. 😀

I ended my day at the Masquerade. Anyone is allowed to perform. Some people simply come out on stage and pose a few times in their amazing costume, while others have skits they do. Some of the skits went on way too long. One of the best things were the hosts: John Lenahan and Aaron Douglas. John brought Aaron out onto the stage with the line “From one toaster to another!” It was wonderful! They made a great combination. It’s hard to go through all the people who participated. But the majority of the costumes were really, really good and most of the skits were too. While the judges were figuring out the winners, we got to watch Duck Dodgers in the 24th and-a-half Century! Being in a large ballroom full of people saying that along with Daffy, every single time was an experience I’m going to love for the rest of my life! It was a great way to end the day.


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