Dragon*Con Day 4 – Sept. 5

Dragon*Con; September 2-5, 2011; Atlanta, GAMonday is the saddest day of the con. It’s the last day. We got up early, well we thought it was early enough, so we could get everything packed, out of the room, and into the car. Our plan was to get over to the Wil Wheaton panel. That did not happen. Not even close. But we did get everything out of the room and said bye to our friends for another year before venturing out into the convention one last time. We headed over to the Comics and Pop Artists Alley. One last go through resulted in me picking up an original inked page for an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man from the inker himself. It was wonderful! I haven’t read that issue yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. Hubby was entered in a drawing to win an awesome banner. Sadly, he didn’t win. But afterwards he bought an awesome print of Colonel Tigh Pilot.

After that we went separate directions. I went up to get in line for the Sylvester McCoy panel, which was nicely short and they let us in to the panel before us and then we got to simply move up. Hubby met me in there before the other panel ended. We had great seats! Sylvester McCoy is a very funny guy. I’m really looking forward to getting to the Seventh Doctor. Not that I wasn’t before, but it’s even more now. For the question part of the panel, he came out into the audience with the microphone and went to people instead of people going to a staff memeber with the microphone and him staying up on stage. It was so much fun! It was a great last panel of the convention.

Hubby wanted to stop and get one last thing from the dealers room and I wanted to register for next year. The line for registration was long and we were tired and hungry. And we wanted to make one last pass through the Walk of Fame. We stopped and talked to Brent Spiner, and hubby got his autograph. We also promised to watch his web series on YouTube. I didn’t know he had one! We can’t wait to see it. We also stopped to say hello to Lou Fargino. Yes, I have shook Murphy MacManus, Data, and the Hulk’s hand! We were going to stop and say hi to Sylvester, but he had quite a line. And, as I mentioned before, hunger called. So we decided to go have lunch before we left Dragon*Con for another year.

We love this convention. Yes it’s over 8 hours away in Atlanta, Georgia. But it’s got so much to do, so many awesome costumes to see, and so many wonderful celebrities to meet. But the most important thing is getting to see our friends every year. Going up to the room and hanging out with them is just as much a part of things as meeting celebrities and going to panels. It was so much fun! Now, I need to go start planning for next year! 🙂


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