Finished! Sketches

Sketches by Eric WaltersSynopsis from Goodreads:

After fleeing her home, suburban-bred Dana struggles to survive in the alleys, squats, and subway stations of downtown Toronto. Dana’s graffiti on an underpass catches the eye of a counselor at Sketches, a drop-in center where homeless teens can express themselves through art. As Dana works on a painting, she begins to confront the reason she left home. The truth of what her stepfather did to her is trying to break free, but will it come out through her paintbrush or the blade of a knife?

This gritty, honest portrayal of street life from acclaimed Canadian author Eric Walters is a testament to the healing power of art.

Well, I think the fact that I read it in less than 24 hours says something. It is a really good story. I really liked the place Sketches. I hope that there are places like that out there. Encouraging artistic talent, in its many forms, should be done for everyone. But also helping street kids work through things and show them how to make money is wonderful. I’m really glad everything worked out in the end, and everyone’s safe. Books, like real life, don’t always have happy endings.


Sketches by Eric Walters
Rating: 4 stars
SuBC: Read a book by a Canadian author.


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