Finished! The Amazing Spider-Man: Election Day

Synopsis from Goodreads:

It’s the climax to a year’s worth of Spider-Man stories as questions are answered and Spidey’s new world is rocked to its core. Who’s the person terrorizing people as Menace? Who’s behind the Spider-Tracer Killings? Who’s going to be the Mayor of New York City? Marc Guggenheim and John Romita Jr. have all the answers.

Double crap. Spider-Man has been arrested, for something he didn’t do, and Lily’s insanity is causing Harry to bring out the old stuff. I’m almost afraid to see what happens next!

Well. At least they don’t know it’s Peter. Hopefully Vin can get things straightened out and Spidey’ll simply be unregistered, again. I really like how Harry used the Goblin for good. Now if he can just keep it that way. I am really worried about what Norman’s up to.


The Amazing Spider-Man: Election Day by Marc Guggenheim, Zeb Wells, Matt Fraction
Rating: 4 stars


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