Finished! The Amazing Spider-Man: 24/7

Synopsis from Goodreads:

An adventure from Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four’s past is about to have a profound effect on their future…that’s if Spidey and the Torch can stop fighting long enough to notice! What’s the cosmic-level rift that’s dividing two of the Marvel U.’s best friends? Then Spidey’s whole world is turned upside down by the new rules of the world. The good news is that after all these years, Spider-Man finally gets the upper hand on J. Jonah Jameson – but it’s gonna cost him, particularly with the all-new Vulture winging into town! Plus, Peter drops by Aunt May’s house for the shock of his life! Set your faces to stun!

That really clears up a lot about what happened at the end of One More Day. Peter does know what happened. I really like that he unmasked himself to the Fantastic Four. And it was great how Johnny was the one who figured things out first. Wonderful writing!

And JJ is mayor?!?!?!?!
He is going to bankrupt the city at the rate he is going. Targeting Spidey, embroidered seat cushions?! He only wanted to get rid of Spidey, not run the city.

I’m so happy for May. I’m sure Peter’s going to love being related to JJ. But Jay seems to be a good man. And she deserves one!


The Amazing Spider-Man: 24/7 by Phil Jimenez, Fred Van Lente, Zeb Wells, Dan Slott, Mark Waid
Rating: 4 stars


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