What a day!

This has been quite the day. Mass was a musical experience I haven’t had in a long while. In addition to our usual trumpet (me), clarinet, violin, and flute, we had another trumpet and a cello. It was amazing having so many instrumentalists going at once. There were a couple of times where there was scrambling to figure out who was playing what since the clarinet’s parts are usually transposed C instruments (flute, violin) or trumpet parts. With the C instruments and trumpet parts very well covered, he had some interesting moments. Also for one song there was only one part for the trumpet. So my fellow trumpet player fell on the grenade and played a descant part. It worked out really beautifully.

This afternoon I did a little blogging and figuring out how I’m going to get myself back on track. But before that I had to get the desktop back on line. Last weekend I rearranged my room and totally redid my ‘desk’ area. That involved pretty much unplugging everything from the CPU and plugging it back in using a new arrangement for everything. A couple of days later I needed to get the computer up so the hubby could print something. I discovered that the computer didn’t want to recognize the keyboard. Major problem. I had been avoiding and dreading trying to get the keyboard working. I’ve had this keyboard less than a year and didn’t want to have to throw it out. So today I first tried plugging it into a couple different USB ports with no change. I pulled out the spare keyboard and got the computer to recognize it. After Windows came up I wanted to try the keyboard one last time. Success!! It finally recognized the keyboard. That made me quite happy.

Now that I have it working and got a little more rearranging done, this room is really coming together. Hopefully it will allow me to feel inspired to write more. I really like being able to sit down and just type away. So here’s hoping to more blog posts!

Now I just have to find a place for all the stuff that’s still everywhere! 🙂


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