3 days down…

4 days to go. But I’m feeling good. So far I’ve managed to stick to my goal! Today I almost considered getting something for lunch, but I didn’t want to give in already. I stuck with my chicken noodle soup and sourdough roll and felt better for it. Hopefully I won’t be tired of soup before Friday! 🙂

One thing I have noticed is that I’m paying more attention to what I’m eating and when. I was falling back into the bad habit of mindlessly eating before. I really, really don’t like that. No one should. One thing that I’ve noticed is that I’m wanting sweet things more. Not junk food, just sweet things. On Sunday I picked up 4 bottles of Tazo Green Tea. Yesterday and today I got a SoBe Citrus. But I haven’t been eating more candy. In fact I’ve been eating less. Maybe it’s the lack of Wendy’s sweet tea every day. Maybe I got used to having that one sweet drink every day. Maybe next week I’ll try figuring out a healthier option. Something sweet isn’t a bad thing. Something sugary is. I may have to look into having some tea with honey in it when I get home to curb this.

I’m really confident that I can do this. I think what’s helping is that I’m looking at it one week at a time. I’m not thinking past dinner on Saturday. That’s when I’m going to figure out the next week. I think that’s where I kept failing. I kept thinking past the week and setting up grand ideas and my body was rebelling and I was giving into the withdrawal. I’ve got the withdrawal now, but somehow I’m dealing with it. It’s probably because I’ve simply cut myself off from fast food and not all things unhealthy. Moderation is the key, as it always is.


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