Finished! Angel: After the Fall Vol. 4

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The excitement of After the Fall continues in this latest offering from Whedon and Lynch.

With truths revealed, master plans laid out, and people dying, it’s clear evil is winning the fight in Los Angeles. In this decisive collection, a final climactic battle will see Angel live free or die for the final time. Soon the “fall” will be concluded, and the Aftermath will be revealed!

That was confusing. One moment Angel’s dying, Connor’s dead. The next they’re back in the alley and rather than fighting he saves Gunn? That’s what changes things? Gunn not going vamp? And I seriously doubt Wolfram & Hart are really gone. Weird book.


Angel: After the Fall Vol. 4 by Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch
Rating: 4 stars


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