A new approach

I realized something last week that I had learned while losing weight a few years ago and had forgotten.  You need to give yourself a cheat day every once in a while or else it won’t work!  All last week I had various things for lunch that weren’t packed at home.  If I remember correctly Arby’s was the furthest I had gone into “fast food badness”, as I like to think of it.  Chipotle and Boston Market were bought too, but they use fresher ingredients so it’s not as bad.

Now that I’ve had my cheat week, I’m feeling much better.  I also may have finally figured out what to do for lunch that won’t be complicated or expensive, and I’ll enjoy daily.  Salads!  For a while my hubby was getting prepackaged salads for his lunches and he lost weight.  So I’m buying packs of salads and separating them into smaller salads for lunch.  It worked quite well yesterday and I’m looking forward to it today.  I may have finally found the lunch I’ve been looking for!!!


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