“Blessed are the flexible”

No it’s not one of the Beatitudes, but it really should be. Someone said that to me this morning and it’s definitely defined this weekend.

I decided to be an RCIA sponsor again this year. RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. It’s the program for people who want to join the Catholic Church. Each person joining has a sponsor, someone who is already Catholic and can help them through the process. Friday evening and a good part of yesterday we had a retreat to prepare for the Rite of Welcome, which was today. When I got there on Friday, I was told that the young woman I was sponsoring wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue and wanted to take some time to figure things out. I didn’t know if I’d be seeing her at all this weekend. Luckily Friday night was mostly group activities, so I didn’t feel too alone.

Saturday, we had heard nothing from her. But the wonderful woman in charge said that she’d be very happy if I continued to be a part of things. Sponsors can’t always make it, so it’s nice to have extra people there. This made me feel a whole lot better. I’d be the Wandering Sponsor: help when you need it! The first half of Saturday was all about the inquires and their sponsors talking about things together, so that was a little lonely. But I got to know some of the team members better, which was nice. As the day went on I grew less anxious. I felt like I still have a place there and that whatever decision she made would be the best for her right now. Also, I was asked to step in for another sponsor for the Rite. She had to work and couldn’t change that, so her inquirer needed someone. I gladly accepted. I was looking forward to being able to be there for someone, it’s an important part of things for them.

This morning I get to church, get my stuff settled, and the woman in charge had a change of plans for me. First, my inquirer had decided that this wasn’t the thing for her right now. I just hope that she finds her way along her path and that she has support while she does it. Second, the young woman I was going to be with was at home with a stomach bug. Third, a sponsor was also at home with a stomach bug and another inquirer needed a sponsor. Again, I happily agreed.
Once they were dismissed to go discuss the readings, I headed up to play my trumpet for the rest of Mass. At Communion I was a Eucharistic Minister. After Mass a fellow choir member came to me and asked “Was there anything else you could have done today?” with a smile. What can I say, I go where I am needed.


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