Finished! The Forgotten

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Stranded in a strange Museum that’s dedicated to him, and with no TARDIS in sight, The Doctor and Martha must make sense of their surroundings, hindered by one small fact – The Doctor has lost his memories of every one of his previous incarnations! With items relevant to each Doctor in their possession, The Doctor must try to use them to regain his memories before it’s too late, starting with his earliest incarnation’s memories, involving Susan, Barbara, and Ian… but quickly moving on to Zoe and Jamie, and more!
This all-new series written by Tony Lee (Starship Troopers) features artist Pia Guerra in her first monthly comic since Y The Last Man.

I really have a bad habit of picking up a graphic novel from Half-Price books and reading it as soon as I get home. Oh well. 😉

This is amazing! A wonderful read for any fan. Getting those little glimpses of past adventures, it really makes me want to sit and watch more.

Spoilers! Highlight to read:
The end was great. Martha actually being the TARDIS made me think of Eleven and Idris. Then getting to have the ten Doctors. I wish they could actually do that in the show. Sadly time travel isn’t a reality for us. And, possibly, the best part was seeing Susan. I was really expecting Rose, but Susan makes perfect sense. I wish they would refer to and draw more from his past.

Also it gives a great list of props for the Who collectors out there… 🙂


Doctor Who: The Forgotten by Tony Lee
Rating: 5 stars


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