Meatless Monday #1

Meatless Mondays were started back during World War I. People were encouraged to eat meatless on Mondays and wheatless on Wednesdays to help the war effort. It was revived again during World War II for the same reasons. Both times people were pleasantly surprised at how good they felt by eating less food. It was revived in 2003 by Sid Lerner when he saw how many illnesses could be prevented by eating less meat. See the Meatless Monday website for more!

Unfortunately I am writing to you today from my couch. I am home sick with an annoying head cold.

Yesterday was my first meatless day in a long time. And it went really well!

I started my day off with my usual bowl of oatmeal. Rolled oats, cinnamon, raisins, hemp milk, and honey. I love it. It gives me a great start for the day. With it I also have a glass of Kefir. Got to get those probiotics in! Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a picture of the wonderfulness. Hopefully I’ll remember next week.

Oolong tea and a Klean Kanteen of water

While I’m making my breakfast and lunch in the morning, I also get my tea ready. I use Allegro’s Oolong tea in my wonderful insulated mug every day. By the time I get to work it’s cool enough to drink. Once I get through that, I dive into the first of my two Klean Kanteens of filtered water from home.

hummus, veggies, chips, and water

I decided to be adventurous for lunch. Last Tuesday when grocery shopping, I saw and picked up some garlic hummus. I also grabbed the baby bella mushrooms and a broccoli carrot mix to dip in it. Later on Wednesday I went shopping for chips for the weekend and saw something I’d never seen before: Falafel chips. I’d never had falafel before, but the bag said that they’re great for dipping in hummus. Wow were they right. I had to remind myself to keep eating the veggies to keep things balanced. It was an amazing lunch. I may even try to start making my own hummus. This way I can simply make what I need without leftovers!

Vegan hot chocolate

When I got home, hubby was passed out and I didn’t have the heart to wake him. Also the cold was really getting to me. Eventually I got the meatloaf started for him and while that was going I made myself some hot chocolate. As I’ve mentioned before, I love hemp milk! The hot chocolate I picked up from Whole Foods and it’s the type you need to do on the stove. I love it with the hemp milk. The slight nuttiness really adds to the flavor.

Up until this point I was vegan all day long and didn’t even realize it. But I wanted to do something for dinner that I could leave the meat off of my plate and still have plenty to eat.

Mac and cheese and cauliflower

Hubby also had meatloaf, but I simply had mac and cheese and cauliflower. I put garlic, onion salt, and some oregano on the cauliflower. Oregano is great for you when your sick. Even better when your not because it helps to build your health up even more!

And that wraps up the first Meatless Monday. I’m really looking forward to next week! I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I know I’ll feel good when I’m done with it.


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