Foodie Friday #2

On my way home from work I made a little stop at Whole Foods and left with this beautiful sight:
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But more about that tomorrow.

Today is Friday! And Friday means Foodie Friday. Yes, I know. Last week I started the whole Fermented Friday. But I realized very soon after that by doing that, I put a lot of pressure on myself that I was not ready for or wanted. So I’ve decided that it’d be better to simply focus on food. I’m going to highlight one food that I’ve had in the past week and squee about it!

And with that said…
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This is possibly the best sauerkraut I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot. What with being half German and all. 🙂 I’m proud of my heritage. But this brings sauerkraut to a whole new level. It’s not pickled like most sauerkraut, but fermented instead. It has to be refrigerated all the time because of the wonderful probiotics alive inside.
This brand is Bubbies, but I plan to keep an eye on the refrigerated section for other brands. Look for words like ‘active cultures’, ‘probiotics’, and no vinegar in the ingredients. It’s so crisp and crunchy. I could eat it straight out of the jar as a snack it’s so wonderful!

Is there anything awesome you’ve had this week?


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