Kombucha Crazy!

As I mentioned on Thursday, Whole Foods had a Buy One, Get One Free sale on GT’s Kombucha yesterday. I could not pass that one up!
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I decided to splurge and get 12 bottles. Luckily that equals a case. So on top of them being BOGO, I got the case discount! 12 bottles of awesome kombucha for $18?! Awesome!

I figured I could get 4 bottles of each type: chia, enlightened, and original. I got pretty close.
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They only have 3 types of the chia: grape, cherry, and raspberry. They were out of the grape by the time I got there. So I got two of each of the others. Also, I thought I had grabbed a Trilogy (one of the enlightened) but it turned out to be another Gingeraide (an original). At least I pushed myself and got flavors that I haven’t had ever or for a while. I figure for at least four weeks, I won’t have to buy any kombucha. The chia only lasts so long.

Did anyone else go and stock up? Anyone else loving kombucha as much as me?!

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