Meatless Monday #2

Meatless Mondays were started back during World War I. People were encouraged to eat meatless on Mondays and wheatless on Wednesdays to help the war effort. It was revived again during World War II for the same reasons. Both times people were pleasantly surprised at how good they felt by eating less food. It was revived in 2003 by Sid Lerner when he saw how many illnesses could be prevented by eating less meat. See the Meatless Monday website for more!

Another successful Meatless Monday. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my awesome breakfast. Again. Next week I’ll remember to take a picture of it and you’ll probably be sick of seeing the same oatmeal and Kefir. But for now you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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At work I had my usual Oolong tea and water to drink throughout the day. Lunch was wonderful. I halved some kalamata olives and took the last two pieces of my flax seed bread with me. Spread the garlic hummus on the bread, top with olives, enjoy the amazing wonderful flavors!

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Dinner was simpler. I picked up Campbell’s Portobello Mushroom soup. OMG was that awesome! It was thick and rich and full of slices and chunks of mushrooms. I also had some tater tots because they sounded good and I like having at least something in common with my hubby’s dinner.

Did you go meatless today?


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