Found a use for Coke!

I was talking with my friend Sunday about how our tub drain isn’t flowing all that well. I mentioned that I dumped the last of our white vinegar down there to try to clear it up. It helped, but it still ran slow. Then she told me something I never would have thought of. Salt and Coca-Cola.

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Yes. Pour salt down the drain followed by Coke. She swears it’s better than Drain-o. So when I got home I told my hubby and tried it out. I’ve got some salt that I haven’t needed for a while and we keep some bottles of Coke around for our non-Pepsi drinking heathens friends. I would recommend trying to get as much salt down the drain before pouring the Coke in. But it does work quite well. Try to be patient and let it do it’s magic before you follow it with hot water. It should help to clear up any drain without having to use something stronger. 🙂


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