WIAW: Overprocessed

Today didn’t go quite as planned. I almost didn’t post this, but I felt that just because I had a bad day doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t post.

Oatmeal and a glass of kefir
The day started off fine. My wonderful oatmeal and glass of kefir.

Oolong tea and Kanteens of water
Then I got to work and had my wonderful Oolong. Once that was gone, there was the sweet, sweet water.

I had packed a lunch, leftover bacon mac and cheese from dinner and some sauerkraut on the side, but I decided to make a run over to Jo-Ann Fabric’s for some stuff on my lunch break. I was running out of time and I listened to a stupid idea my brain had…

Asiago Chicken Club meal from Wendy's
I ended up deciding to stop by Wendy's and get the Asiago Chicken Club meal, grilled, with a sweet tea to drink. I should have just stuck with what I packed. Bleh.
Ghirardelli Dark & Raspberry
I picked this up on the way home and split it with the hubby. It was soooo good!
Potatoes, chicken strips, and carrots
Dinner was late and simple. It also wasn't as processed as I initially feared. I looked at the ingredients on Tyson's chicken strips, and it's all food. No chemicals, no unpronounceable words. Just food.

Tomorrow I’m going to have what I packed for today and keep dinner simple. Also I’ll probably throw a bottle of wonderful kombucha in there to hopefully balance things out again.


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