A New Way of Thinking

I’m currently re-reading In Defense of Food and loving it. It really helps me when I’m trying to get my eating habits back away from the over-processed stuff. Tonight I think something may have clicked. Lately I’ve been gravitating toward raw and whole foods to begin with. But, as always, reading this book makes me want to go that route more. But I know my hubby doesn’t like whole foods and food from scratch as much as I do. So I’m going to do what I want when I’m the only one eating. Right now that’s just lunch, but soon it will also include some dinner. The rest of the time I’m going to simply try to get things as close to whole and unprocessed as possible. With the exception of Friday nights.

You see, Friday nights we either have friends over and have pizza/potato skins/other ‘junk foods’ and beer while we watch movies or TV series. And that is the last night that I want to be putting much effort into cooking. Also, I know anything even resembling ‘healthy’ would go over like a lead balloon. Or we’re heading out of town to someone’s parents’ place for the weekend. Which usually means fast food on the way.

So I’m going to take an approach that was recommended when I was losing weight: have a ‘cheat day’. It helps you keep those cravings for the not so healthy foods in check. Well, I’m not going to include the entire day in it. Just the evening. I’m going to call them my S.A.D evenings. Standard American Diet. I’m hoping that will help me to stick with the healthy, whole foods the rest of the time.


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