Finished! Feed (again)

Seeing as I’ve read it before, I’ll skip the Goodreads synopsis and get right to it.

I love how realistic this book can be. For example, yes you no longer get cancer from smoking. But all the other health problems exist. The same can probably be said for alcohol. Another thing is how the bloggers rose up. If something like that were to happen, I’d be checking the BBC and blogs. When your priority is simply getting the truth out there, not caring about ratings, you know what’s really happening.

The names of the divisions are great. You know exactly what they do before she explains them: Newsies, Stewarts, Irwins, Aunties, Fictionals. I’d probably be a cross between a Stewart and an Auntie.

It’s amazing how you can reread a book and it’s a completely different book. It still feels like Tom Clancy could have written it. But I noticed something I didn’t before. Replace the zombies with terrorists and it could be set today! The right-wing conservatives going on and on about how the nation is losing its way and needs to get back to religion. Ugh. I think Senator Ryman said it best:

“I say when God comes down here and helps me clean my house, I’ll be more than happy to help Him with cleaning His. Until then, I’ll trouble myself with keeping people fed and breathing, and let Him tend to the parts I can’t do anything to help.” ~p.207

Gays, zombies, terrorists, abortions, and whatever else they are against isn’t going to go away by sticking religion into the government.

Spoiler Alert!


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