WIAW: New way of thinking

So, the challenge has been put forth to be more mindful of our snacking. That really is something that I’ve been horrible about lately. It really isn’t that hard. You just have to listen to your body. But anyway, here’s the food for the day (well, some of it anyway):

My breakfast is still the usual oatmeal and kefir. No point in boring you with that.
My lunch is hopefully going to be the same for a while. Chicken breast, Minute Brown & Wild Rice, a nectarine, and Clementine Izzie. This week I decided to sautee the chicken with some balsamic vinegar and it tastes wonderful! I’ve also learned something important, I need to stick to getting my produce at Kroger. I got nectarines there last week and they were wonderful, juicy, larger, and absolutely delicious. This week I got them from Meijer. They’re good tasting, close to being ripe, and a little on the small side. Oh well, live and learn.
Dinner I didn’t photograph, but it was just Wendy’s. We were out shopping and it was late by the time we were done, so Wendy’s. I figure you’re not missing much.

Snack-wise I am getting things under control. I had the pretzels at work because I was hungry. It was that or some off-brand chocolate cupcakes. Pretzels were definitely the better choice. When I got home I gave in and had what has been my weakness lately. A couple of months ago I bought some Devonshire cream and strawberry preserves with the intention of making scones to go with them. Well, I never did make those scones. So on Saturday I got the idea to put them on an english muffin. OMG are they addictive! It is sooooo good. Preserves on one side, cream on the other, wonderful sandwich! The only problem is the cream is only good for 5 days once it’s been opened. And today was the last day. Luckily we did the shopping, so it kept me from starving before dinner.

I have been doing much better with my snacking lately. I noticed that about an hour or so after finishing my lunch I get a little craving for something sweet. Yesterday I figured out that I’m simply thirsty. So I just stay hydrated and am good until about 3 or 4pm. Then I get honestly hungry and grab the pretzels from the vending machine. I’m going to try taking something else with me tomorrow. Probably baby carrots.


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