Facebook takeover

It seems like everywhere you look today you see the option to ‘Sign in with Facebook’. Every time I see that, I become even more glad I have a Google+ account.

Google Plus logo
Yay! ::hugs:: (click for my profile if you want to)

I was on Facebook back in college. It was late in my junior year, back soon after it expanded to all colleges. It was a great way to keep in touch with your friends, see what was going on across campus, and see who you could find from high school. And when you’re at a school as big as Ohio State, that’s a really great thing to have. I had all of my co-workers, most of the RAs (when you work the front desk of your dorm, you come to know and be friends with the RAs), and friends. We had little groups like “North Campus Marketplace All-Stars” for all of us that lived on North Campus that loved the Marketplace on South Campus. The Marketplace had some of the best food on campus.

Then it all started downhill. First they allowed high school students. Then anyone over 13 with an e-mail could join. Then the games and the apps. Now you have to put people into lists if you want to see what they’ve posted and not a bunch of game progress and posts by things you like but don’t need updates on. It’s just so frustrating!

Google+ is much closer to what Facebook used to be, but with all the useful upgrades they’ve done. It’s like Google sat back, watched Facebook figure things out, and implemented the best of the ideas. It’s like a cross between Facebook, Twitter, and a blog. I love it!

So, Facebook, no. I would not like to sign in using you. I want to have my websites and my Goodreads and other aspects of my internet life separate from you. As it is, I need to go though and do some housekeeping on you. The only reason I still have a Facebook account is because a lot of my Dad’s family is on it and they’re all across the US and in Canada. It’s nice to be able to keep in touch. Now, if I can just convert them over to Google+, I would be very happy!


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