Using my Rs

Hmm. Where to start. Yesterday we moved the old TV cabinet into my room so I could use it as a desk. We didn’t need it in the living room anymore, but it’s still in great shape and is really nice. I couldn’t get rid of it. So I decided to re-use and re-purpose it as my desk. I had been using my old TV cart from college that is definitely worse for wear. Now I have the monitor, speakers, and CPU up off the floor in the cabinet. I have somewhere to put my keyboard without having to put it on the printer. All of the above mentioned are on the shelf for the TV, and there’s space underneath for various electronic devices. For me, that means my keyboard. The printer is currently on top since there’s no other shelves inside. I’m hoping sometime to get something that is tall enough to go over the monitor and CPU, yet strong enough to hold the printer. The rest of the top is being used for my wig heads for my various costumes.

It’s so nice! The monitor is higher up. Everything has more space. I can actually see the USB ports and headphone jack on the front of the CPU. All the cords are hidden in the back or are behind the monitor. The monitor is in just enough shadow that it’s easier to see the screen. It is wonderful! I’ll try to get a good pic up soon. For now, I’m just going to enjoy it!


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