Welcome to My Polymind! I used to have a bunch of separate blogs. Recently I decided to combine three of them (well, technically five since one blog was really three blogs already) into this. The Green Geek, Busy Words (including Big Damn Crafter and Travel Logs), and A Book Addict are all here now. Each blog has it’s own set of categories. All the posts from the blogs have been moved over here. I figure this way I can post about a green book I read and not have to post it twice or just mention it on The Green Geek and point people to A Book Addict. It’s going to make blogging fun again for me. I’m really looking forward to being able to just sit down and write and then figure out which “blog” it goes in. Any questions? Check out the pages up at the top. Still have questions? Leave a reply and I’ll try to clear it up for you!


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