Tea love

I love tea. You probably know that by now. But I really do. I love it even more now that I can brew it properly.


Meet my new electric kettle! It is wonderful. It allows me to choose how hot the water gets. It even has indicators as to where you should set it for what kind of tea. Now I’m brewing amazing cups of green and oolong tea made from tea bags!

But the tea bags are only for when it’s not easy to use my wonderful loose leaf teas and infusers. For anyone who enjoys a cup of tea and hasn’t tried loose leaf teas, it really is that much better. The flavor is so wonderful and full, and it’s really fun getting to use the infusers instead of just a tea bag.

I actually invested in a third Klean Kanteen so I can have 81 oz. of tea with me through the day at work and class. Also it allows me to have three different types of tea. Which is great because the little sampler I got from Think Geek has four types of tea. And then I have my PG Tips (which I will get in loose leaf form once I’m through my 80 bags at home) and I bought some loose leaf Oolong from World Market. So six different tea choices for three 27oz Kanteens. I am so happy!


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