As I was listening to episdoe 39 of Ben Gleib’s Last Week on Earth, something Kevin Smith hit on something in my mind.

Technology is really becoming the great equalizer. Technology is allowing me to simply write out my thoughts here for anyone to come and read. Technology is allowing anyone to create a series or a movie and put it out there for everyone to watch with really minimal costs. Technology is bringing the world much closer together than ever before. Technology is allowing people to write novels and putting them out there without having to try to get a publisher to publish it.

Maybe the fact that I’m re-reading Feed (again) helped a little bit. George was just talking about how important the bloggers were in humanity’s survival during the rising. I do think that if something like a zombie apocalypse were to happen and we still had our computers and the internet, we will stand a much better chance of surviving as a species. But that’s just me.


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