I decided to go ahead and make a few changes to the blog. I feel it now reflects myself more accurately. I’ve removed anything that divided this blog up into the many blogs it used to be. I hugely reduced the amount of categories there are to make it simpler to get around. I’m hoping this will help me to post more since it’s more fluid and much less constricted as to where posts can be.

I have devoted today to getting my room clean. Yeah, that’s not going so well. I have a hard time concentrating on one thing at a time for a long time. I’ve gotten quite a bit done, but it hasn’t made a huge impact. I really need to get back to it, because this place is an absolute mess and I need my space here. I need somewhere that I can retreat to. Somewhere I can relax. Somewhere I can curl up with a book. Somewhere I can spread out and work on a costume or some knitting. It just becomes a dumping ground so quickly. I really need to work on the storage problem I seem to have and be able to keep it clean in here!

Okay. Enough distractions. Back to work.


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