This weekend was great for my sense of control. Too bad it didn’t survive the workday.

We were home this weekend with nothing specific to do. It was wonderful! On Saturday I got up a little early since I went to bed a little early. I got going and did a little shopping. I had some serious success at Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s. The only thing that sucks about Michael’s is they can only accept one coupon per day. I guess I’ll need to space out my Michael’s trips. But they are a great place to go to for chains and roses. And a lot of other things for my various costumes. But then I headed off to get groceries before I spent too much.

But part of my shopping helped me later in the day. Because once I got home I got working on my room. It had become my dumping ground rather than my retreat. I slowly just went through things and they got put away, thrown away, or recycled. I had bought a couple of frames for some art prints and got them up on the wall. Once everything was taken care of, it was clean. It feels so much better now! It’s amazing how really cleaning up a room can change how it feels in the room. It’s not just the space, it’s the atmosphere. It’s so nice. I finally feel like I can start going through things and get them pared down so I have more storage for the stuff that’s sort of crammed in places.

Everything was going so well. Until work happened. I really am getting tired of my job. I’ve been there for over four years. I’ve never enjoyed the job. But I can’t seem to get a new one. If I can just get a new job that works with my class schedule, my stress would just melt away. But that just seems to be too much to ask. I guess I’ll just have to keep dealing with it the best that I can.


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