Busy Bookworm

Despite classes starting again this month, I managed to get ten books read! Of course, it helps that I don’t have books to read for class this time. I’ll give a quick rundown and a few are going to get full posts. I want to get back in the habit of posting about books I’m loving. I’m also giving the WBC (Winter Book Challenge on The Nest Book Club) a go again. It is getting me to read books I’ve been meaning to, which is great.

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher (audiobook)
Small Favor by Jim Butcher (Kindle)
Buffy Season 9: Freefall by Joss Whedon
Godchild Vol. 6 by Kaori Yuki
Cold Days by Jim Butcher (library)
Weesh: Free Wishes! Insert Licorice Here by Dan Hess
Weesh: I Don’t Know What This Is But There’s a Monkey on the Cover by Dan Hess
Weesh: Red Riding Hood Conquers the World by Dan Hess
Weesh: Love…Exciting and ew. by Dan Hess
Princess Jellyfish Vol. 0 by Akiko Higashimura

I just picked up more books from the library today, so hopefully this trend will keep going. Also, I’ve still got a lot of manga here that I haven’t gotten to yet.


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