Cold Days

Cold Days by Jim ButcherAfter the roller coaster that was Changes and Ghost Story, I really thought the ride was over and we were pulling into the station.

I was wrong. It was just getting started.

The new Winter Knight has to go through physical therapy to recover from his months long coma, learn to use and control the mantle that has been bestowed upon him, survive the Unselee Court, and prevent the end of the world. Oh, and he has to deal with friends and family who thought he was dead.

This really starts to give us an idea of where Jim is heading for his final epic trilogy. Well, maybe not an idea as much as a heads up. So much changed after Harry’s almost-death and his return just made things even more chaotic. But doesn’t he usually do that? I am really looking forward to the next book. So much was just barely brought up in this book, I can’t wait to see some of it addressed more!


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