Just remember: Abide

I keep forgetting my Dudeist teaching. Abide. I had a midterm today for my ASL class, which I’m currently failing because I come to class half-an-hour late every time (which means half participation points) because work ends and class begins at the same time and work won’t let me leave early. Also, because I’m late, I miss every quiz. Well, not every quiz. I managed to get there in time for the end of one quiz so far. One out of 6 or 7 at this point. Anyway, the result of this midterm determines whether I will pass this class or not. If I don’t pass, I can’t keep going as scheduled in the program.

I was stressing out about it, and then last week I think my Dudeism kicked in because I began to abide. I figured out ways to keep going if I don’t pass. I didn’t let myself get all worked up or panic or stress over this midterm. I was going to understand what I was going to understand. No point working myself up.

Now I have the second part of the midterm to complete before the time we normally end class by on Wednesday. This part I can worry over and work on because I have to tell a story within certain guidelines. This part I have control over. I can control how much I practice the story. I can control how much I work on it to get it flowing as smooth as I can at this point in my studies. I have control, and I am going to use it!


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