Back in February I picked up a magazine from Whole Foods. Tea Magazine. The name pretty much says it all. But being someone who is still relatively new to the wide world of tea, it’s a great resource. Reading the March/April issue this weekend got me inspired. One of their big focuses was on Pu-erh tea. Their article does a better job of explaining it than I could. But it convinced me to give it a try.

I admit, it was delicious! Reading about its earthy flavor and the fact that it’s fermented had me a little cautious and a little curious. I bought some whole leaf Pu-erh at World Market and brewed up a little kettle. It has a more subtle flavor than I thought it would. Granted, it could be the kind I bought, but that’s a good thing because it has gotten me intrigued.
I also finally gave in and bought a little cast iron teapot from World Market too. I have a favorite teapot now. 🙂 It has a strainer in it, so no having to worry about the leaves. It keeps the tea nice and hot and just looks so awesome!

cast-iron teapot

I also picked up a tea travel caraffe. I think it’s really going to help me at work. I’ve got a green, black, and Oolong already there. Now I can add the Pu-erh and really keep the tea flowing all day long.


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