What a week

I am loving this! I’m sitting in my room, my sanctuary, relaxing, watching TV, and enjoying a pot of Oolong. I feel so relaxed right now. I got the last of the artwork up on the wall and it really feels more like my space now. I have somewhere I can curl up and read. Somewhere I can relax and enjoy my computer while not feeling like I’m shutting out the world. Now if I can just figure out how to get the plethora of bags I have organized and off the floor, I’ll be good!

I have to admit, classes have not been going the greatest lately. I was having trouble really getting into them before I decided that interpreting is not the place for me right now. Now that it’s not my focus anymore, it’s harder to care. But I do care about what grade I get, so I just keep thinking about the grade and put my best into it.

Unfortunately I could get 100% on everything from here on out and still won’t pass my ASL class. The fact that I have to show up half an hour late is what did it. I think if I had gotten 100% on everything up until now, I might have had a chance. But there’s just no way that was going to happen. I am not that good. But I am still putting everything into the class. I may end up with a D, but I am going to earn that D.

Thankfully that D is not going to derail me anymore. By not passing ASL 3, I would have been thrown off the program by a year. Now I’ve got other classes I’m going to take for the next year, and hopefully next fall I’ll be starting graduate school. If not, maybe I’ll get back into the program. It all depends on then, and I won’t know about it until I get there.


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