Soap Box: Plastic Bags

Please allow me to dust off my soap box for a minute.

Sundays my husband and I go get our groceries for the week. I prefer the self-checkout lanes because I know everything will fit into my reusable bags and I don’t have to point them out to the cashier. It works well: he scans, I pack. Sometimes he’s finished and paid for everything before I can get everything packed.

But this also has its downside too. Mainly watching the customer ahead of us use 20 plastic bags when they probably could have used 5. 10 at the most. The gentleman on Sunday was using one bag for a gallon of milk. Why would you bag a gallon of milk? It has a handle! You don’t need a bag! He also put a bag of oranges, one of the net bags of oranges, in a plastic bag. That was it. Again, it doesn’t need a bag! I really wish that bag tax would catch on. Stores would make so much money because people would either be paying for every bag or they’d be buying reusable ones. If everyone in a state would do it, no one business would loose business. One flat tax all around would solve this problem!

This is why I love my Whole Foods reusable bags. They’re huge! I can usually just use 2 to get all of our groceries packed. This includes anywhere from 6-12 bottles of Vitamin Water, plenty of boxes, and lots of fresh veggies and meats. If I doubt that only 2 can handle it, I grab one of my various other bags from the back of my car. It’s not hard. It’s actually really easy to find yourself with more bags than you’ll probably need. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. It just means that it’s not the end of the world if you forgot to bring your bags back out to the car because you still have 5 in the car.

Hopefully I can let my soap box get dusty again now.


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