It’s my life/ And it’s now or never

I love this video. From the moment I first saw it, it changed my perspective on that amazing song. It’s become a kind of anthem for me lately.

Gallaudet University
Gallaudet University seal

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here at some point that I’m working on my graduate school application right now. My top choice of schools is Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Considering I want to go into Linguistics and study American Sign Language, it’s the perfect choice.

But I’m having some conflicting feelings about it. Getting in means finally going back to school and going into a field that I’ve recently admitted my passion for (both to others and myself).

But it also means moving six hours away from the city I’ve come to call home and all the friends I have here. It means my hubby will have to find a new job and we’ll have to find somewhere to live that we can afford on his paycheck and whatever I have left of my loans. It means moving to a new city and everything that comes with it. It means school all the time and that will leave even less time than I have now for my hubby.

But it also means diving headfirst into the amazing Deaf Culture and using ASL as my primary mode of communication. It means learning more about this community and language that I have become so fascinated by and fallen in love with. It means finally being able to enjoy what I am doing all day long. It means looking forward to a career.

Sometimes I just have to remind myself of the positives that come with it all and the worries’ volume gets turned down.

Life has been interesting lately and I have let this fall by the wayside. Not any longer. If I feel like posting, even if it’s a little one, I’m going to. There’s a reason I call this blog My Polymind, I just managed to forget for a while.


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