I love class!

My grades may not have reflected it until recently, but I love going to class. I remember back in high school we had two solid weeks of snow days. Ugh. After the first week I was waking up every morning praying that we would have school. I was ready to go back.

Well, that’s still the case. Wednesday the new semester started up again. I’m taking two classes (one on-campus, one online) and sitting in on a third. The one I’m sitting in on is Linguistics of ASL and English. I wonder why I might be interested in sitting in on that? : ) The online class is Educational Psychology, and I think it may be more useful in the future than it might seem.

My on-campus class is right after Linguistics, in the same classroom even, which works out so awesomely. It’s my ASL III class. I know why I failed it the first time in the spring. Coming to class half an hour late really affects your confidence in addition to your grades. Aside from missing almost every quiz (I managed to get there at the end of one!) and getting only half participation points, coming in after class has started is not easy. I was missing information. I wasn’t able to make connections with my fellow students as well as the others. Also having a hard time reading the teacher’s fingerspelling really doesn’t help.

This time it’s completely different. My confidence is high again, even before class started. Over the summer I finally took two classes you’re supposed to take before starting the program. One is taught by my ASL II instructor who I always enjoyed chatting with. Also, while he had interpreters in the class for everyone else, I could simply listen to him directly and let the interpreters be background noise. If I misses something or didn’t catch his fingerspelling, I’d pay attention to them to get it, and then let it fade again. He even let me videotape class so I could review it.

After that, I’m ready for class. I think I’m more ready than most of my classmates. Our instructor is Deaf. Yay! He’s also the only one teaching all the ASL III classes, which I think is great. It gives a lot more consistency across at least this level. I wish they could do that with all the ASL classes. Anyway, after one night of class, I am so excited and feeling much, much better about this semester. I know that I can get an A in this class and regain the great GPA I had before the spring semester fiasco.

I guess I really did need that semester “off”. It helped me really think about my future and I feel much better about it now.


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