Salad zone

Earlier this month I started a new addiction: Panera salads!

Mostly their Chopped Chicken Cobb, sometimes with Avocado.

I decided to give Panera a go when I was trying to figure out where to go for lunch that didn’t involve a ton of processed bread and cheese (like most fast food places). These salads are so amazing. I think I may have to cut it back to just half instead because they’re so big!

But they’re not cheap. So I decided to try making salads at home and bringing them with me. It was successful for two days. They were really simple salads, and I think that’s where the failure was. A bunch of romaine, a handful of kale, cherry tomatoes with crispy honeyed bacon and salad dressing. The first two days it seemed to be exactly what I needed. I even had rolls I picked up from Whole Foods. Sourdough made with unbleached flour. Awesome rolls! But they just didn’t fill me up the same way.

So Wednesday, of all days, I fell off the wagon with a thump. I got 3 Soft Taco Supreme from Taco Bell for lunch. Then it was the first night of class, so I got a slice of pizza for dinner. Thursday I got a Classic Single without cheese combo from Wendy’s.

Friday I got a salad from Panera again and felt the difference in salads. Theirs has so much on it, it’s heavy. I think I need to figure out how to cook the chicken so I’ll enjoy it and give the homemade salads a try again. I feel so much better having salads for lunch. I’m good and hungry for dinner and don’t feel guilty for having a fairly good-sized dinner. My hubby has lighter lunches (when he can eat lunch) too, so slightly heavier dinners work for us.

Of course, one slice of pizza at school still works just fine, too.


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