Get out of my head

You! Yes you! Get out of your head!

I realized something today. With all this grad school and classes and Dragon*Con prep, I have been so in my head lately. It’s amazing how such a simple realization can help so much. I’ve been so focused on so much, and worrying about it, that I haven’t really relaxed. I’ve sat and watched TV, shows I really love watching, but I realize now I just sorta turn off while watching them.

Wow. Just writing that much has helped a ton.

Right now I have a lot I need to get done. There’s a bunch of work to be done before I’m off for the weekend. Tonight after work I’m going to the ASL lab to put in an hour toward my 5-lab-hours-before-the-midterm requirement. Then it’s home to make dinner, breakfast food for the con (which I am so posting about), kale chips, and a 2-minute “about me” video for ASL class. Somewhere in there I also have to finish packing for the con, shower, eat dinner, and spend at least a little time with the hubby.

I am really looking forward to Dragon*Con. It’s packed with people left and right, but it is one of the best recharging weekends for me. I think it’s that giant geek/nerd vibe that just builds and builds over the weekend. I can’t wait!

Edit: Oh, cool! It turns out this is my 600th post! Yay!


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