I’m back!

Another year, another Dragon*Con. I miss my friends already!!! But it was an amazing time, as always. I am still recovering. I think I managed to avoid con crud, but I’m still tired. Which is great considering I have class tonight. ASL class where I need to be able to focus so I can understand my teacher and be understood by everyone. Oh yeah, and I have homework to finish up for that class too.

That’s my long way of saying, no WIAW this week. Next week will be the big Dragon*Con WIAW. Possibly tomorrow will be the start of my recap of the con. I tried to write each day so I didn’t forget anything. If I have time tonight, I’ll get that finished up, polished up, and ready to go.

For now I’ll leave you with this awesome picture someone took of the beginning of the parade!

Beginning of the Dragon*Con parade.
One of the authors leading the parade down the streets of downtown Atlanta. Wonderfulness!


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