Fall cleaning

Yesterday I woke up and decided I needed to work on my room. It had turned into a pile of my stuff with a narrow path leading to my computer chair which was covered in stuff. Not useful.

2 weeks ago I had bought some awesome shelving to replace my former storage system. That involved moving everything from one storage system to the other. While the room was pretty messy to begin with. But yesterday I got the shelves better organized and threw out a very full trash bag of stuff. There’s still a section of my room that’s a pile of stuff, but at least now I can use my computer again.

Those two things combined and I decided to go through and get my desktop organized too. My internal hard drive is partitioned so I have two separate hard drives. I also have an external hard drive. Neither one is full, so I decided to go through and put almost everything on the external. I went through and deleted so many files. So many files…

Anyway. Later I extended the cleaning to my flash drives and my laptop. And I got my iPod completely up to date. It’s strange how organizing and cleaning up computer storage can add to the feeling of cleanliness. Something intangible being organized and clean made me feel just as good as physically cleaning up my room.

I’m sure that has some deeper meaning, but I’ll leave that to the professionals. 😉


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