The positivity continues!

Yesterday, after quite the successful day at work, I ended up having quite the good night at school.

But before that, I got an e-mail from my ASL teacher saying I might want to look at my first answer for the homework. I’ve never had a teacher do that. He gave me the chance to redo my answer, and thus the whole thing, and send the new video to him. Such an awesome teacher!

I met with my ASL teacher to go over what I’d written up as a start for my statement of intent for Gallaudet. He said it was much better than my previous one. He could tell I had just sat down and put my heart on the page. Huge relief! That is exactly what I was trying to do. There’s a few small changes he suggested, but overall it’s great. I can’t believe it. His feedback is making me feel a lot more confident about my application. Also, I think this puts him closer to saying “Yes” to writing me a letter of recommendation. I doubt he won’t, but I’m going to be nervous until he says he’ll write it.

Then I headed downstairs to try to catch another teacher before class started. He was talking with another teacher, so I patiently waited for them to finish. Thankfully my ASL teacher came by on his way to class, so he knew where I was and why. Finally they finished and we talked about me possibly sitting in on his Intro to the Deaf Community next semester. I have no classes involving ASL next semester and I don’t want to risk my skills, and it’s great knowing at least twice a week I’ll be using ASL. Evidently he thought I wanted to sit in now, not next semester. Once that was cleared up, it seems that unless something major comes up, he’s fine with me sitting in. They may be using books starting next semester, which would be completely different from this summer. That makes it even better because I might learn something new! Yay!

Of course, that leads to class. Class was great. After this weekend hanging out with two of my three classmates (yes, there are only four of us), I feel a lot better about giving feedback and explaining things better to them. It payed off last night. We watched a video in class and then he paired us off to talk about it. I deferred to my classmate to see what she understood about it, and I added to it. He then decided to have us “compete” against each other to see who understood better. When he asked our team, he usually asked my classmate. She understood and remembered what we talked about and we kicked some butt! 🙂 It made me feel really, really good.

So today I have two goals. I’m going to start working on getting the statement of intent revised and get my homework for tomorrow done. This is going to be some of the easiest homework ever. This unit is all about making big decisions. Our homework is to talk about choosing a school. Seriously. I am living that right now. I just have to figure out the best way of talking about it in a maximum of 2 minutes. That is the challenge. I can easily go on and on, as you have probably noticed by now. 😉


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