Yesterday something in me went “You need to make a change.” So on my lunch break I drove up to Wal-Mart and did a little shopping. I picked up some veggie crisps, dehydrated green beans, yogurt covered cranberries (for those sweet cravings), baby carrots, organic grape tomatoes (they just taste better), and a box of apple pie Larabars. Best decision I’ve made recently. I munched a Larabar on the way back to work, and enjoyed some green beans before my break ended. Later I had some carrots for a snack, but that was it until my slice of pizza at school. It felt so good to kinda snack through the day, but healthily snack through the day.

I’m hoping to keep this up at least this week. I’m trying to nudge my eating habits back to the healthy side. I’ve slowly gotten my sugar cravings to go away. If it pops up and won’t be ignored, I’ve got some fun size packs of M&Ms that do the trick. But I’ve been needing those less and less. The next time I go up to Cleveland, I need to get some dark chocolate from Malley’s. I think if I can keep interesting snacks at work, I’ll be able to keep from getting fast food every day for lunch. Which is not good for the waistline or the wallet.

Today on the other hand is going to be interesting. Every 50 days without an accident is celebrated at work with a lunch of some sort. This time we’re having City Barbeque. Somehow all the sides managed to avoid vegetables. But I’ve been trying to plan ahead for it, and I’ve got veggies in the fridge to make up for it. I just hope this doesn’t throw me off too much.


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