This weekend has been a series of small struggles. As it’s probably quite obvious right now, I have a shit ton going on in my life. Work, school, grad school applications, family, friends, myself; all of it vying for a part of my day. But I’m not letting it overwhelm me. I know that’s the worst thing I can do. Instead I try to focus on the positives.

One struggle this weekend was food. While I’ve done a great job surrounding myself with healthy snacks at work, not so much at home. And it didn’t help after reading a ton of a really great webcomic about gaming and geeks (Weregeek), I stopped and got a bunch of not so good for you snacks after work and munched throughout the night and on Saturday. But I’m not giving up. It just means I have more bad habits that still need to be worn down.

Another struggle is I have a presentation tonight in ASL class. I’ve been trying to get this presentation to be the best that I can possibly make it. I have only 5 minutes to impart as much information about the person as possible. My problem is there is so much I want to tell my classmates that I’ve had to stick with the super surface stuff. Also, while my teacher has said that the important thing is he understands me, I’d like my classmates to understand me too. But I’ve been practicing today and I’m finding I can add a little more detail as I get more confident in my signing. As the nerves go down, my production goes up. I just have to remember to keep the slides moving in time with my presentation.

I’ve been struggling with myself over some of the ideas I’ve had for cosplays. I worry that I’ve thought of too many and I’ll never be able to get to all of them. Also, I know that once I get into grad school I won’t have nearly as much time or money to spend on them. But, this weekend two fellow cosplayers love my The TRON Lebowski idea and have given me confidence in doing it. Luckily it’s one that simply improves with age, so there’s no rush to get it done any time soon.

I guess the whole point of this is that while there is stress and struggles and problems, there are supportive people out there and there’s never a reason to give up. I’m starting to remember that more often. It’s a good feeling.


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